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The High Street Needs You
Folkestone = Open
The High Street Needs You
Folkestone = Open
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Faces of Folkestone : Greig and Daisy from The Bao Baron

Discover more about the team behind our new foodie favourite, Bao Baron, and what inspired them to bring their tasty bao buns to Folkestone. MF: Can ...

Drinks Delivery Guide

Drinks Delivery Guide Being able to take a trip down to a local pub is one of those little things that we Brits have really started to appreciate wh...

Foodie Takeaway Guide

Your favourite restaurants in Folkestone are here to look after you with some very tasty takeaways that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home....

Faces of Folkestone : Rob Beach

Rob Beach, from Pole Position Driving School, reveals some top tips about how to remain calm during your driving test and reveals whether he passed fi...

Faces of Folkestone : Chris Kent

Chris Kent at Landau, shares his thoughts on how Folkestone has evolved over the years and what his favourite creative collaborations have been to dat...

Faces of Folkestone : Sorting Gifts

In our latest Faces of Folkestone series, Adrian and Nicola from Sorting Gifts previously Barcode Buys introduce themselves, tell us their favourite H...

Faces of Folkestone : Steve Burton

Steve Burton from ACTiV Cycles shares the back story of ACTiV with us andtells us his preferred off road tracks around Folkestone as well as the more ...

Faces of Folkestone : Alvaro Ferraz

Alvaro Ferraz,Bar Manager at Bay Tree,reveals his most creative cocktail concoctions and his favourite spots around Folkestone. Can you sum upin th...