Faces of Folkestone : Alvaro Ferraz

Alvaro Ferraz, Bar Manager at Bay Tree, reveals his most creative cocktail concoctions and his favourite spots around Folkestone. 


Can you sum up in three words what Folkestone means to you?

Sunshine. Happiness. People


What brought you to Folkestone in the first place?

It was work that first brought me to Folkestone and then I decided to stay here because I enjoyed the quality of life and it’s a great place to live.


When did you discover your passion for making cocktails?

I first discovered my passion and talent for making cocktails during my first job at a bar in Madeira and when I entered a national cocktail contest in Portugal around 2009 and realized that I could make this passion into a job!


Do you have a signature cocktail that you are well known for making?

The ones that I am most famous in Folkestone for making are the Cherry Bourbon Sour, Summer Pop & my Mocktail Tropical Passion - I can guarantee that they will quench your thirst and tickle your taste buds! 


What has been your most creative concoction to date? 

Cherry Bourbon Sour, Midori Sunrise & Christmas Spirit are my most creative cocktails. Sours are generally tricky to get the taste right and with my Cherry Bourbon Sour, I won second place in a cocktail competition. With the Christmas Spirit, I wanted to use seasonal ingredients and also present it in a way you could see three different colours.


When you are not conjuring up wonderful cocktails, where do you like to hang out in Folkestone? 

In my spare time, I like to go down the Harbour Arm and for a social drink you can usually find me at the Harbour Inn or the Pullman. I also try to keep fit and enjoy going running along Sandgate seafront.


Aside from The Bay Tree, where are your favourite places to eat around town?

There are lots of fantastic spots around Folkestone including The Bay Tree but I do like the food at La Tavernetta & Rocksalt so I like to eat at those restaurants when I can. 


Where would you recommend first-time visitors to Folkestone to head to first?

Well I know it is biased but it has to be the Bay Tree of course - with one of my cocktails as a very good introduction to Folkestone! I would also always recommend a visit to the Harbour Arm.


What do you think MyFolkestone brings to Folkestone and the community?

MyFolkestone allows people to find everything they need to know about Folkestone in one place with up to date information and local offers