Faces of Folkestone : Greig and Daisy from The Bao Baron

Discover more about the team behind our new foodie favourite, Bao Baron, and what inspired them to bring their tasty bao buns to Folkestone.

MF: Can you sum up what Folkestone means to you?

Greig: I wasn’t born in Folkestone but I’ve spent most of my life here, I consider it home. I’ve built many personal and professional relationships here that I’m proud of. I’m watching the town go from strength to strength, embracing its creativity and history and it’s future looks exciting. 


MF: How did The Bao Baron concept come about and why did it land in Folkestone?

Greig: It was born out of lockdown, the new job I was about to start was put on hold and fortunately my previous job at Docker found a place for me. I’d been wanting to start a side hustle for some time, and used the slowing down of life during the pandemic to create one. The original idea was a supper club, but something didn’t feel quite right and I was struggling for inspiration. The part I was most excited about was putting a bao bun on the menu, and that’s when it clicked really. I’d only intended to do a couple of pop-up events at the Harbour Arm, but it was so popular I just kept going! Having that opportunity at the Harbour Arm was really what brought it to Folkestone, and the food culture in Folkestone is always growing, which is something we’re excited to be a part of. 


MF: What is your favourite dish?

Daisy: It’s hard to pick a favourite dish, Greig and I have worked together for years and his menus always surprise me with combinations I’ve never tried before. I think at the moment though, it’s probably a tie between the Katsu Chicken Bao and the Salt & Pepper Broccoli Bao. 


MF: How do you enjoy ‘down - time’ in Folkestone?

Greig: We’re both happiest outdoors, so we really like to take advantage of all the beautiful places you can go for walks, we spend a lot of time down The Leas looking at parts of the Triennial and enjoying the old architecture in the area. In the summer and autumn there’s plenty to forage down the Warren and the nearby woods, which is great fun. The Harbour Arm was really important during the Summer where we could safely spend time outdoors enjoying food and drink. We like to eat out a lot, although it might be awhile before we can do that again!


MF: What are your lockdown tips?

Greig: Be kind to yourself.

MF: How do you see the Foodie scene evolving in Folkestone?

Greig: It’s come a long way very quickly, and shows no sign of stopping. There is a really strong and supportive community who are invested in seeing it grow. 


MF: What do you think MyFolkestone brings to the community?

Daisy: It’s a great platform to advertise and promote Folkestone, it really champions Folkestone businesses and helps bind a network together by creating a community hub. There’s so much to offer in Folkestone, and MyFolkestone showcases that, which is so important to the town’s development.