Faces of Folkestone : Sorting Gifts


In our latest Faces of Folkestone series,  Adrian and Nicola from Sorting Gifts previously Barcode Buys introduce themselves, tell us their favourite Harry Potter character and give us the lowdown behind their brand relaunch....


MF: Can you sum up in three words what Folkestone means to you? 

SG: History. Shopping. Art.


MF: You used to be known as Barcode Buys - what was the decision behind the re-brand? 

SG: We worked on the market for the past 20 years and we had a business unit where we sold everything which encapsulated Barcode Buys. We now sell more licensed, toys, gifts, candles and Harry Potter merchandise so we thought the new name 'Sorting Gifts' was more reflective of the products we sell.


MF: When did you first set up shop in Folkestone?

SG: We were based for four years at Basepoint Business centre and have now been at our spot on Guildhall Street for the past two years. 


MF: How have you seen the town develop over the years?

SG: We have seen the Harbour area being developed and we think that town centre has not been developed as much and still needs a lot of work.


MF: What are your best-selling items in the shop?

SG: Without a doubtHarry Potter is the bestselling line in the shop as well as our wide range of candles.


MF: What is the most unusual item that you stock at Sorting Gifts?

SG: Witchcraft, come and visit the shop to find out more.


MF: Who is your favourite Harry Potter character? And why? 

SG: Professor Pomona Sprout who was Head of Head of the Herbology department at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and grew the mandrakes. She was played by Miriam Margolyes who has a good sense of humour and bubbliness.


MF: How are you doing things differently in this new norm? 

SG: We have started a new website called and have free Folkestone delivery on orders over £15.00 using the code: FREELOCAL.

MF: Where are your favourite spots in Folkestone to relax? 

SG: We live to go to the East Cliff in our spare time.


MF: What would you like to see happen in Folkestone over the next five years?

SG: We would like to see larger shops split up into smaller units for smaller businesses. This can help them with the start up rate free and we would like to see more police on the streets as we believe that the anti-social behaviour has been driving our customers away from the town.

MF: What do you think MyFolkestone brings to the community? 

SG: MyFolkestone brings the community together to lets people know about events, shopping and eating