Faces of Folkestone : Steve Burton

Steve Burton from ACTiV Cycles shares the back story of ACTiV with us and tells us his preferred off road tracks around Folkestone as well as the more leisurely ones! 


MF: Can you sum up in three words what Folkestone means to you?

SB: Work. Ride. Fun.


MF: What led you to creating ACTiV Cycles here in Folkestone? 

SB: Cycling was a good year-round fit with the other more seasonal extreme sports we originally catered for(windsurfing and snowboarding), but cycling eventually took over as the main core of our business.


MF: Is cycling your favourite sport or do you have other active pastimes?

SB : Cycling is my favourite pastime - mainly off road!


MF: Could you share with us your favourite ride in Folkestone for proficient cyclist? 

SB: There are many, but there is a really nice off road route via Capel, West Hougham, into Dover and back along the cliff top.


MF: What route would you recommend around Folkestone for a more leisurely cycle?

SB: Along the Leas, through the coastal park, seafront, canal. Once you are on the seafront, there are no harsh hills!


MF: How has it made you feel to empower people during lockdown by revamping/selling bikes and seeing new faces embrace the world of cycling? 

SB: It’s amazing how it has taken off and great to see as many people taking to their bikes. It has helped people commute to work on quieter roads, de-stress if they were working, especially key workers, and kept people happy and fit if they were furloughed or unable to work. We have been delighted to help!


MF: What do you think is the latest must-have within the biking industry for cycling enthusiasts? 

SB: The best bike you can afford. Whether it’s for leisure, on road or off road, the latest bikes use cutting edge technology to get the best of your riding capability - and to develop your fitness and skill for maximum enjoyment on the bike.


MF: Where are your favourite spots in Folkestone to relax?

SB: Probably The Leas when I’m working. Maybe the trails on top of the Downs on the bike.


MF: Which restaurant do you like to visit the most in Folkestone? 

SB: Blooms, before it went.


MF: If you could choose, what would be your dream bike? 

SB: Never mind one dream bike, you need several for all types of riding and I choose top of the range for them all, if money were no object!


MF: What would you like to see happen in Folkestone over the next five years? 

SB: Improved cycle infrastructure.


MF: What do you think MyFolkestone brings to the community? 

SB : A united sense of belonging and pride